• Thermal Ground Support Equipment

    Ingenium has designed and built assemblies for environmental simulation of various space environments for cubesats, small satellites and large spacecraft. EDSN CUBESATS: Ingenium designed

  • Advanced Refrigeration Technology

    Ingenium is developing a novel approach for cooling hardware in extremely hot environments such as those found on the inner planets Mercury and Venus.

  • Thermal Vacuum Testing

    Ingenium has a large team of thermal engineers with expertise in thermal testing of hardware from components (including units and PCBs), subsystems and spacecraft.

  • Unit/PCB Thermal Analysis

      Ingenium has extensive experience analyzing electronic boxes and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for ground and space-based applications. We are highly efficient and can

  • Thermal Design and Analysis

    Ingenium has broad spectrum experience in thermal design and analysis including: Ground-based thermal control systems High altitude balloon missions Cryogenic systems Science Instruments Communication